Twitter “Followers”

February 23rd, 2010 | By Barritz™

One of the “cool” factors for many on Twitter, and many other social networks, is the ratio of how many people they follow compared to how many people follow them. Now numbers do mean good things in music; for example: spins on the radio, the amount of shows you do, how many people show up to see your act, how many people purchase your CD, how many downloads off of iTunes you rack up, etc, etc. My personal view on Twitter is that it should be about interaction with your followers and supporting them back. I take pride in knowing things about those that follow me, in interacting with them and in following them back! They are not just a number on a count! I appreciate that they want to see what I have to write, that they take time out of their days to say wuzzup my way and that they give me their opinions on my music. It is because of them that any artist including myself gets to where they are today. Their support is priceless! Thank you to all who share words with me, share their lives with me and who help me spread my music and message out to the world! You are truly appreciated and inspire me to be greater! It is not about quantity it is about quality! Fellow artists please respect your supporters, aka your followers, for they are the eyes and ears that you cannot succeed without!


Remastering My Mind…

November 2nd, 2009 | By Barritz™

November 2nd… one day and 5 years after Mac Dre died got my mind fried with too many thoughts so some denied… and now just back from watching Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”… reminds me these talents are not here to share with us any longer, 2Pac… always thoughts of our true leader… Bob Marley… Jimi Hendrix… James Brown… Isaac Hayes… Barry White… there are others… Bruce Lee… I could keep going but why… they are here with us… influencing us still and tis our duty to keep their legacy and accomplishments in the forefront of our thoughts… it is there where they shine the brightest and shall be illuminating always…

It makes me remaster my mind to think in perfection as some did incessantly… it is not how fast the product is brought to market, it is not how much money it makes for you, but it is about one thing and one thing only… getting it right… making a product you are proud of… that is honest, true to its maker and expresses the willingness to make something of reputation and adored utility… the true customer will be the one who is there for the product, not because you told them to… because they need it… but you didn’t make it for anybody but yourself… you presented it when appropriate and complete… it is a gift from you to them… but always given to yourself first… the day you follow others is the day you lose yourself…




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