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“The Cadillac Man” available on iTunes!

April 20th, 2010 | By Barritz™

The Cadillac Man by Barritz. Get your copy on iTunes today!

Pick up my album “The Cadillac Man” on Brainz Blown Recordz at iTunes. It was a long time coming and I’m proud to have gotten it out to y’all! Thanx for your support! Cadilluv!

“The Cadillac Man”

March 9th, 2010 | By Barritz™

So “The Cadillac Man” album got wrapped a couple days ago… I met up with Rico in L.A. and we knocked out the final tasks on the list… I’m just on the listening tip now and making sure I am happy with the finished product… we have spent a lot of time working on it to get it right and it has been an experience I have learned a lot from… I’ve had many setbacks on the way to finishing this project and many times felt like I shouldn’t even put it out because I was so frustrated with the progress or lack thereof on the whole thing… I started making this album with Gyre and lost all of my tracks due to computer issues, then I had to get all of the raw tracked out instrumentals redone by him, was starting to collab with my good friend EMPera and his production, and then had him unfortunately taken from me and the rest of this world as he passed Father’s Day 2008 (Rest In Peace good friend 8/14/81-6/15/08, I don’t even wanna get into that right now) and then I networked with Rico at Apocalypze Recording Studios to bring this project to fruition even though he moved to Burbank slightly before finishing the project, so I had to wait until his availability up here in The Bay… he has been a mentor to me and has taught me a lot through this entire process… I wanted to say thank you to all who have had a hand in helping me with “The Cadillac Man“… EMPera, Rico, Skooob, Gyre, MysterE, ProHoeZak, DaMost, Deez DineroSoul Purpose Leone, Chino, Attilary, L-One, Swizzle, Caleo, Eratk, oneSHOTmedia – Mike Ho, and to all my family and friends who have supported me with the process and who have made it out to my shows… you are all priceless and too many to name… it is coming… “The Cadillac Man“… are you ready?!

The Cadillac Man by Barritz. Get your copy on iTunes today!